Solutions for
interior decoration

Give your business a makeover and boost profit by adding new, premium services for the bespoke interior decoration market to your portfolio.

High-quality output

The interior decoration market demands quality above all. Respond to these needs by printing striking photo-realistic images packed with vibrant colours, rich blacks and smooth tones. You can have it all, as we are renowned for our output quality.

Key features

Printing without limits

Every surface becomes your canvas. Customise walls, floors, tables, upholstery, even doors.

Explore more media

Our solutions help you bring out the best in a wide range of rigid and flexible substrates.

Special effects

Transform walls and windows with versatile, luxury, multi-colour metallic graphics.

High reliability

Our precision engineering delivers the consistent performance and quality you can rely on.

High productivity

Our innovative solutions deliver speed and maximum uptime to help you meet tight deadlines.

Interiors made easy

Producing interior decoration items is simple thanks to our easy-to-use operation.

Specialist inks

We design our speciality inks to produce outstanding results, tailored for each application.

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